The Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival actually begins September 1st and lasts for┬áseventeen fun-filled days. You may plan your schedule to arrive at your convenience starting September 1st. There is never a question about what you can do at Poppy Mountain. You can fish, hike, horseback ride, rest, sight-see, and, of course, jam till your hearts content. One thing is for sure, you won’t leave Poppy Mountain saying there wasn’t anything to do.

The gates to Poppy Mountain open at Midnight on September 1st after a fun-filled evening with the Annual Poppy Mountain Round-Up (on August 31st) at the top of the hill. We all get together (in anticipation) and have a grand time with jamming, eating, and reacquainting ourselves with old friends. The “Round-Up” is for the die-hard first-come first-claiming camper sites! These folks have brought their campers early to claim their (and sometimes their friend’s) camp sites! We start charging with the very minimal fee from the time you “claim” your site. Camping sites with FREE electric/water hookups are usually available until Friday afternoon.

Don’t forget ATV’s and Golf Carts are welcome!

Bring your ATV or golf cart to the festival and enjoy the more than 1,000 acres of beautiful Kentucky countryside.Our requests for operation of an ATV at the festival are very simple and we ask that each owner sign a Notarized Affidavit acknowledging an understanding of the following guidelines:

  • ATVs may be operated only on designated paths, trails and areas.
  • Owners waive rights for compensation for any and all accidents.
  • Operation of ATVs is forbidden in the stage or concession areas!
  • Reasonable operation of ATVs regulated by festival security 24 hours.
  • We have new trails totaling 20+ miles and ramps from every field to the trails
  • Operators MUST be 16 y/o to operate an ATV on festival property (NO EXCEPTIONS)